Digital Advertising
Eyeshot digital media runs on 32" or 43" TV screens and is capable of displaying rich media and capturing attention with motion graphics. 10 - 15 sec high impact commercials are played in a 2 min loop. Eyeshot's TVs are viewed over 12 million times per month by store patrons at the point of sale.

Eyeshot uses a proprietary Content Management System and Media Player that mixes content from various programmatic exchanges and directly sold ad campaigns.

Print Advertising
Print (Static) Advertising is the tried and true grand daddy of the OOH advertising industry and a staple of many OOH campaigns. Static advertising on the Eyeshot Network ranges from large format posters (typically 8ft x 3ft) inside and outside of each convenience store location to print graphics on floors that capture the attention of youth walking while viewing their smartphones.

Content Management System and Media Player Solutions
Our custom developed Content Management System and Media Players work efficiently and are easy to setup. Let us install and operate a white label network under your brand.

For rates please call us at 416-800-9092 or email